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Guide to Pokemon Natures

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Guide to Pokemon Natures

Post  TheGreaterC on Thu Oct 08, 2009 12:44 pm

What is a Nature?

The Nature of a pokemon affects the Pokemon's stats. Most natures increase 1 stat by 10% and in return, decrease another stat by 10%. Here's a list of the natures below. The Plus sign means
that Stat increases by 10%, the Minus sign means that stat decreases by 10%.

Attack Boosting Natures:
-Lonely: +Attack, -Defense
-Brave: +Attack, -Speed
-Adamant: +Attack, -Special Attack
-Naughty: +Attack, -Special Defense

Defence Boosting Natures:
-Bold: +Defense, -Attack
-Relaxed: +Defense, -Speed
-Impish: +Defense, -Special Attack
-Lax: +Defense, -Special Defense

Speed Boosting Natures:
-Timid: +Speed, -Attack
-Hasty: +Speed, -Defense
-Jolly: +Speed, -Special Attack
Naive: +Speed, -Special Defense

Special Attack Boosting Natures:
-Modest: +Special Attack, -Attack
-Mild: +Special Attack, -Defense
-Quiet: +Special Attack, -Speed
-Rash: +Special Attack, -Special Defense

Special Defence Boosting Natures:
-Calm: +Special Defense, -Attack
-Gentle: +Special Defense, -Defense
-Sassy: +Special Defense, -Speed
-Careful: +Special Defense, -Special Attack

The Natures that DON'T affect any Stat are: Hardy,
Docile, Serious, Bashful, and Quirky.

Now you may be wondering about how much natures affect stats. You may think that 10% difference isn't too much but sometimes it can mean the difference between a OHKO and a 2KO on your opponent's pokemon or even on your own pokemon! Also, the 10% increase/decrease applies when you are EV training.

Example: Lets take Gyarados, normally a physical sweeper, who's greatest asset is its huge attack stat. Assuming it has an IV of 31, but no EVs in attack, its attack stat will be as follows:
- if its nature is Hardy (neutral nature not affecting any stats) its attack will be 286.
- if its nature is Modest (decreasing attack) its attack stat will now only be 257.
- if its nature is Adamant (increasing attack) its attack stat will now be 314.

Now you may be wondering what stat to lower in favour of the stat you wish to increase... This is where you must look at what stat you don't need. For example, since Gyarados is a physical sweeper, it will usually be using physical moves and not special moves. So in this case, you can go for an Adamant nature (+Attack, -Special Attack) since you don't need its Special Attack stat.

I hope this guide helps with what nature to choose for your pokemon. If you have any questions or want me to explain Natures further, please reply to this topic.


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