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Standard RPG Rules

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Standard RPG Rules

Post  Echo on Sun Sep 06, 2009 1:08 am

These are basic RPing Rules for those who are new in the bussiness.

1. RPG stands for Role-Playing Game.

2. The maker of the RPG is in charge of everything that happens in it.

3. Please don't try to change the RPG, that's not fun for the maker of the RPG.

4. Please, don't control the characters of other people

5. Don't join a RPG if its about 10 pages long, but if the maker of the RPG gives you permission to join. Then it's no problem

6. If the maker of the RPG can't continue the RPG, then he/she must say it in the RPG, and ask the mods to lock the RPG or give the control of the RPG to another member.

7. Don't flame or spam. This should go without saying

8. Don't annoy other RPGers with useless and annoying posts.

9. Don't make your characters WAY to powerful...it ruins the fun.

10. Also respect the individual Authors rules.

I hope this helps. ^^


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