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Post here if you would like to be an Arena Leader

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Post here if you would like to be an Arena Leader

Post  Echo on Sun Sep 06, 2009 1:00 am

Heres a list of what to post:

- Your name
- Friend Code (FC)
- The type that you want to try out for
- Your Time Zone (in GMT)
- The times & days you will be on to try out (according to your time zone)

Gym Leader tryouts are held by any Moderator (people with Red names)

Remember, no ubers are allowed, due to the unfair advantage they give. A Moderator will test you all out individually, and you must beat them OR show them that you have strategy and battling skill to become gym leader. Also, you MUST have 6 pokemon of the same type that you selected to be gym leader for. If you beat one of the Mods, you are automatically gym leader. Also, please take note of the types that are taken already so that the question is not asked more than once.

If a Mod says that you have not passed, they will tell you why and how you can fix it so do not be disheartened. Our gym leaders must be strong and the Moderators will make sure that they are.

Note: If you would like to tryout for a type thats already taken, you will have battle the current Gym Leader for the spot. You will also have to tryout with a Moderator to test your skill.


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