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The Rules of the Forum

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The Rules of the Forum

Post  Echo on Sun Sep 06, 2009 12:55 am

Here are the basic rules to follow:

1) Respect others-This mean any and every member. Also respect the admin and the mods' decisions, they usually have a legit reason for doing anything. Also...No flaming! Do not start fights, constantly argue, or try to purposely get yourself in trouble.

2) No spamming-Please refrain from pointless posting, one word post, or any "chatbox" like post. Spam belongs in the Spam Central forum.

3) Please be appropriate-Please try and use appropriate language, pictures, links, etc. for the age group of people on. No excessive cursing, only when absolutely necessary.

4) No advertising-You may tell people about certain sites and give them links to videos/other media, but do not advertise a forum you made. Not even partner forums, if members feel the urge to join a forum they may click your button. If you get a PM or see anyone advertising, please report it to a moderator or admin and you may be rewarded.

5) No plagiarism-Don't post anybody else's artwork or text without appropriate credit (something where the artist can be considered obvious, such as official art or characters, video game screenshots, etc., does not count), and definitely do not claim to have created anything that you didn't.

6) Do not give out any information that might be too personal, it is best for your own safety! Giving out your gender, age, or state is considered fine.

7) No begging-Do not beg someone to battle/trade you, and no begging to be a mod or an admin.

8 ) Cool Have fun-Don't always be moping around and try and be as active as possible. Also, try not to talk about your personal problems as it could make members sad and may make some sign off.

9) Do not revive dead topics. A dead topic is one that has not had any posts in 3 or more weeks. Don't post in them.

10) Do not double, triple, quadruple, etc. post. If you have something to add, use the edit button.

11) Do not post obscene or pornographic pictures/videos, or make links to such. This is a perma-bannable offense.

12) You are responsible for your account. If you have nosy siblings, we recommend that you log out when you are done with your visit. In other words, we will not accept the excuse "Oh, my little brother/sister/mean friend/evil monster under the bed posted all those mean messages the other day! Don't ban me!"

13) Do not mini-mod. Mini-modding is when you see a post that violates a rule, and you say something along the lines of "Oh, you're not supposed to spam!" "Oh, this is in the wrong forum". Our job as admins/mods is to take care of these things.

14) Please keep avatar and sig sizes to a normal size. We don't want to see any oversized ones. Avatars should be kept around 200x200 pxls and signatures should have good judgment. If they take up half or more of the page they're too big. 300 or so pixels in height is about average.

15) Even in the spam forum, do not post excessive smilies. It may make some people's internet connection go very slow, or can make their web browser freeze.

16) Do not make links that mislead people to something not implied or described by the explanation given.

17) Do not post flashy pictures that rapidly change colors, as they can give certain people seizures.

18 ). No drug talk. Again, this is a children's forum where most of our users are not age-mature enough to read such material. This includes alcohol and the like.

Please try and follow these rules, if you break them too many times... there WILL BE consequences. And I know this seems like a lot, but it's all to make your visit to Pkmn Colosseum as enjoyable as possible


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